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Steve Jobs: "Whole Earth Catalog was Like Google in Paperback, But 35 Years Earlier"

This isn’t new, but I just ran across it the other day and it seemed relevant and interesting, especially where he says the Whole Earth Catalog (1967) was “…like Google in paperback”: Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech in 2005. Following … Continue reading

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Is the UK becoming a police state?

A couple of my best friends Denny & Helen have recently set up this website in the aftermath of the recent G20 demonstrations. Both of them are politically active bloggers who decided to put together somewhere they could share their … Continue reading

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Oooh, Tim Burton does Alice in Wonderland!

You just know that Johnny Depp is going to be the Mad Hatter, and Helena Bonham-Carter will be the queen. Concept art linked here.

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Further to my last post,

It now comes to light that Ian Tomlinson died from internal bleeding after being assaulted by a police officer, manslaughter charges have been brought. I saw the following picture today, a spoof on the posters that the Met have put … Continue reading

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Worrying trends in our supposed democracy.

After having planned to attend the demonstrations for the G20 conference, I ended up not being able to make it. Part of me is relieved given what went on but part of me is angry at myself for not going … Continue reading

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New Posts at Techwinter.

Put a couple of new articles up at Techwinter if you’re interested in my geeky opinions about design testing mobile devices and the loss of Twitter updates via mobile phone here in the UK. J.

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Well after 3 days of setup, the festival opened. Our section, I have to admit, looks great and we’ve received a whole load of compliments on what we built. We had glorious sunshine until yesterday when the heavens didn’t so … Continue reading

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Photography and pushing boundaries.

Despite loving photography I’m actually very bad at taking pictures of people. I think it’s the shyness thing, I don’t like to intrude, so I’ve mainly done landscape and other things apart from a rare option to do portfolio shots … Continue reading

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The rain in spain….

Isn’t falling on me 🙂 I’m up in the hills about an hour outside Seville, at a wonderful retreat called Trasierra. I’m working for as one of their massage therapists in the sunshine. It’s glorious weather here and doing … Continue reading

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I am now a 'professional' blogger!

Ok, so I’m not getting paid for it (yet), but it’s proper writing for a real technology blog. Basically I get to write whatever I like that interests me on the subject of technology, with a focus on mobile … Continue reading

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