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Transparent Lobbying

When I lived in the US, I was appalled at how commercial interests seem able to alter government policy at their will, corporations are now so powerful that senators have to bow down to them if they want the support … Continue reading

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Is the UK becoming a police state?

A couple of my best friends Denny & Helen have recently set up this website in the aftermath of the recent G20 demonstrations. Both of them are politically active bloggers who decided to put together somewhere they could share their … Continue reading

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Further to my last post,

It now comes to light that Ian Tomlinson died from internal bleeding after being assaulted by a police officer, manslaughter charges have been brought. I saw the following picture today, a spoof on the posters that the Met have put … Continue reading

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Worrying trends in our supposed democracy.

After having planned to attend the demonstrations for the G20 conference, I ended up not being able to make it. Part of me is relieved given what went on but part of me is angry at myself for not going … Continue reading

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