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  1. Helena Smalman-Smith says:

    Dear Justin
    I’m a rower/cox – I saw a comment you’d made about 10 years ago on another blog which indicated your mother was an international rower, and so I’ve put 2+2 together and think you must be the son of Christine Peer. I have seen a picture of a boat naming ceremony in an old photo album which includes you as a small child, and your name is in the caption.
    I’m currently creating a website that documents the history of GB women’s International rowing, so it all gets gathered in one, accessible place before it’s forgotten. I feel it’s important in so many walks of life for so many reasons that we know our history.
    I wondered if you’d be at all interested in talking/typing about anything you know about your mother’s (and sister’s) international careers – the ‘official’ records are quite sketchy for the time, so memories and personal archives are very interesting.
    Many thanks
    020 8398 6242

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