First go at making sausages.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and finally got round to it today. I decided to make some of Cumberland sausages, using a from the recipe from the forum at

Here’s how I got on.

First of all I made up the spice mix, enough for 10Kg of meat, though I’m only making 2Kg of sausages this time. With Cumberland’s being my favourite sausage I figured I’ll be making more soon enough.

Everything laid out, free-range pork from our fabulous local butcher, breadcrumbs from my home made bread and the spice mix.

My ebay Kenwood Chef that I stripped and renovated, fitted with a mincer, which made short work of mincing the par-frozen meat.

Everything minced and then ice-water, spices, breadcrumbs all mixed in and left to rest.


I realised that this sausage would be way more than the two of us could eat in one sitting so I split it into two.

Then I carried on with the rest of the mix.

I ended up with a few rings. One is for tomorrow’s breakfast, one’s going to the freezer for next weekend and the others are going to my mum, Em’s mum and my brother.

The bits remaining in the mincer that wouldn’t come all the way out was immediately fried up and munched with great pleasure.

All in all, this was great fun and they taste amazing. I’m thinking I might get a manual sausage stuffer for a bit more control and I’ve learned that different brands of herbs are very different in weights. Bart’s dried sage is much less dense than Schwartz for example.

Start of a fun hobby here, now to figure out the next few recipes to try.

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