Well after 3 days of setup, the festival opened. Our section, I have to admit, looks great and we’ve received a whole load of compliments on what we built. We had glorious sunshine until yesterday when the heavens didn’t so much open as just slowly empty. I stood in the rain at midnight, listening to the Levellers in the mud. A perfect glastonbury moment. Mind you, when did they get old? Last time I saw them was 17 years ago. We’re of an age and it was something of a surprise to see them all grown up and now one of the fathers of festival music.

They may have got older, but the invective is still there and bouncing away to the encore of There’s Only One Way was glorious. I retired to my bed and listened to the rain.

I’ve taken a few photos, not many though and only on my phone as I’ve not dragged the big camera out yet. lI¬†forgot to set up a feed from flickr so you’ll have to visit directly to see them, address is in the previous post.

Right, the sun’s come out so I’m off exploring, catch you all later.


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